Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Language and Culture Seattle Field Trip

Walking through the tents, and protestors, I noticed
these out houses. I noticed the cardboard sign ducktaped onto the door, I wanted to walk over and read the sign, I thought it was ironic because it says “Respect the only 2 bathrooms we got” I found it ironic because there were three out houses, when the sign read two. I also thought it was
ironic that on this particular out house, it has a sign that reads “HIGH TECH” what does that imply? It flushes itself? This also reminded me of the section of SIDEWALK where they discuss how the relieve themselves. They use cups, or go
in an alley and urinate on walls of buildings.

"WE ARE THE 99%"
As I approached Westlake center where the protest was going on, I saw this woman standing with a sign that read “1% of Americans OWN 50% of the Wealth. WE ARE THE 99%” I approached this woman, and asked her if I could take her picture. I explained to here that we are doing a class project and that we had a guest speaker, come in and discuss wealth distributions. This woman, holding the sign reinforced what Larry Mosqueda discussed with us.

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  1. Interesting sign on the port-o-potty. Compared to having to go in the bushes, it may be more high tech in that sense.