Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seattle Luxury & Poverty

Name Brands
These three ladies were walking from the mall to a shop off of Pine St. I noticed their attire, their purses and their bags they had in their hands. The three purses were name brand items; their clothing was new, fashionable and clean. They were walking from store to store, buying things.
This represented luxury to me because through their appearance they had the freedom, money and time to go out and walk leisurely around the city. It was interesting to see these ladies walking only a few blocks from the protest against large corporations and them walking around spending money that will increase the corporation wealth.

What I noticed about walking in downtown Seattle was that although there are huge buildings, a ton of shopping centers, and large tourist attractions, between these buildings were alleys used to collect trash. This is where a lot of the hobos were hanging out. These two men were going through trash and scavenging for items. After the photo was taken, I could hear the man on the bike talking on a cell phone which I thought was ironic. Someone who was able to pay for a phone and its service, but he is still on the back streets searching through others' garbage.

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