Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Visual Ethnography of Luxury Vs. Poverty

Macy’s Jewelry Department off Pine Street, Seattle

Jewels are a commodity for the rich, who, according to this view, are rare. The only person in this part of the store is the sales clerk. Tall columns edged with what looks like marble, unique rug pattern, and brightly lit displays signify prestige that seem to only welcome people with higher incomes. Jewelry becomes a representation of status and power.


  1. I love how they give me the look when I walk in this part of the store as if saying, "I know you dont got enough money to even be over here!" look. And that's when I go ask to look at their diamond earrings, and they have to pull them out! Then I'll ask and purchase some $40 earrings white gold. Thanks Macys!

  2. The loneliness is amazing in this picture. The aesthetics are done very well.