Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pike Place

This picture represents poverty. This fella is one of the first people I noticed when I walked into Pike Place Market. His behavior is ironic because he is there to have people listen to his music and give him money, but his body language shows him hiding from the world. His hat is tilted to cover his eyes
from us and he is leaning against the column as if to blend into the building. The act of trying to hide actually got me to notice him. I chose to the word picketer because he is playing the guitar with a pick.


  1. I really like this picture. The mans posture does tell a lot. Great job!

  2. The way his posture and the fact of him being more interested in the music is strong in this picture.

    (Also, "U R KOOL" :P)

  3. I love the jazzy angle you gave this picture it makes it that much more interesting. I saw this guy too, but I never thought of him as trying to blend in but as playing the role of the cool cat street musician

  4. This picture is great! Making it black and white was a very good choice, too. It adds to the hiding making him more noticable comment with the picture.