Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Libraries of the Rich

In the animated series "Futurama," the characters Bender and Fry come across an adult book store that gives off a feeling much familiar. The New York City Public Library didn't change much compared to how it is now over a millenia.
With this feeling of old, out of date books, homeless falling asleep in between aisles, the mentally ill and children running around in the library all but silently, the sterility and imposing nature of the Seattle Public Library is disheartening. The feel of the library does not give off the same feeling, giving off a warning to those that are on the edges of society that they do not belong in this place.

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  1. Neat how the photo depicts that idea of welcoming a few rather than all of the public with the shiny windows and doors. The Seattle Public Library is definitely a different style of library.