Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Olympias Wealth

Olympia Boating

I was walking down in down town Olympia when I stopped on the board walk next to the Oyster House. I looked out a crossed the calm water looking at the beautiful scenery. I noticed the different types of boat and snapped a photo. I took it just before the rain started so the mood of the picture is like the calm before the storm. This photo represents wealth because there are some e fancy looking boats in this photo. I think of boats as coasting a lot of money and wealthy people like to show off their money by buying a boat. This picture could also represent poverty because fishermen use some of these boats for fishing. When thinking of fishermen I think of someone trying to earn enough money to pay their bills.

Living Big

I took this picture because I often drive by this mansion and wonder who lives there. This beautiful mansion is located just off the shore of Capital Lake with a beautiful view of the Capital building. When I think of the word mansion I automatically think of a crazily rich family living the life. There would be a tennis court in the back yard with the stereotypical family of a mom who stays at home with the $100 haircut, the father in the study doing business, and the children off to private school. I do not know if such a family lives in this building but it does make a person wonder at who is living big. Whoever is living here must have money.

The Big House

I took this picture of the Capital building while walking though Heritage Park in down town Olympia. I took this picture because this is a place where high officials meet and work. It is the symbol of power and wealth. Power because high officials work here and wealth because let’s face it those high officials are pretty wealthy. This building is where things go down.


  1. I never knew such sites existed in the Oly! Nice pictures! But its the capitol so i expected some luxury to be somewhere!

  2. These are great pictures. It is interesting to view Olypmia in a different manner when looking at it from wealth and poverty.