Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Olympia- A quick look at two different cultures.

Olympia Washington 10/7/2011

Material Possessions of the wealthy
I went down to the water in Olympia. As I walked around I was reminded of the amount of money some people possess by looking at their beautiful boats. I thought about how much they must cost and what fun it would be to ride one. This boat I feel was one of the more expensive and a good way of showing the materialistic nature of the wealthy.

Free is better
Water should be free! Those of the lower class find ways to get things for free. So I believe this is a sign of poverty in Olympia. I checked this facet and it worked perfectly. Also when you looked closer you could tell it has been used recently. I could never imagine a person without money getting water from this facet. So I believe this is a sign of poverty in Olympia.

What path would you take?

Work or Freedom?

The Landing
This is a picture of a store that sells cigarettes for cheap out in Nisqually. I feel that you can even look at the structure and type of building it is to get the idea that it a part of poverty. The roof is made of a cheap type of roofing and is dirty. The signs that litter the porch and walls is showing how cheap the merchandise it. Also the huge concrete dividers in front gives you the idea they are trying to protect the building and walkway. Everything about this shop and the merchandise inside gives me the feeling it would be considered part of the culture of poverty.

Perfectly Cut Grass
When I looked at this building with the landscaping done around it I thought, wow that sure looks nice. I looked at the beautiful grass and trimmed bushes. The roof and materials used to build the building look high quality and expensive. The windows are all tinted, and look how many windows there are. Also the amount of lights around the building tell me it is a lot of money to keep the building maintained. The way this building looks gives me the idea that it would be considered a part of high class in Olympia.

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