Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rich and Poor

My group member took a picture with this homeless woman. She is an artist. I think she represents poverty, because she has no money and a place to live. What impress me most is her dog, because we can see that his master lives on the margin of the society and she can't even feed herself, but the dog still feels happy to stay with her. It seems like staying together with his master is the most happy thing in this world. Dogs are human beings' best freinds!
Furthermore, I feel that although America is such a powerful country, there are still a lot of poor people there, and they do exist there, whcih means we can't ignore them, they are also part of the society. They form a distinct comparison between the luxurious building around them. From this point I can see the huge difference between the rich and poor. I believe we should try to diminish the gap. by doing this, the country will become more powerful!

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  1. I like that you showed poverty is not only with people but with animals too.