Thursday, October 20, 2011

Symbols of Poverty

Unknown Sleeper

As I was walking around Heritage Park I saw a lot of park benches and instantly pictures from movies popped into my head of homeless people sleeping. I took this picture because a park bench can be a symbol of poverty. It can be a place where the homeless can feel at home and be able to sleep. If you look close enough you might just see an unknown sleeper.

Artist Unknown

I was walking down 5th street when I saw this tagged stack. I took this picture because someone took the time to climb up a building just to tag it. This stack is on top of a rundown, abandoned building. It is located right next to Heritage Park and seemed to be the only rundown building my eyes could see. This building had board up windows and doors. It is a building I have seen a lot but I have no idea what it was used for. It surprised me to see that it wasn’t tagged as much as I thought an old, unused building would be.

Shopping Cart with Out a Home

I took this picture because it is a classic symbol of
poverty and homeless in cities. Homeless people will use shopping carts as a kind of home, a home that they can move and put their valuables in. This person most likely just used the cart to carry their groceries to the nearest bus station. The bus station itself can be a symbol of poverty. Usually people who cannot afford a car or the gas for a car will take the bus. It is a cheap way to get around. It is a popular mode of transportation for teenagers who are without the funds for their own car.

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  1. I think what is really awesome about these pictures is that blue tint of the exposure. Just like black and white gives off emotion, the blue really makes the pictures and your message more emotional.

    I agree with your shopping cart! Back when I lived in Inglewood, California there were many of those carts with owners walking by the liquor stores.